Gotta get the focus off of recent comments made by Mueller.
(FLASHBACK: When I first heard of his tenure, my face drained of color.)
What’s my go-to any time I want to change the narrative?
Trade and immigration – there is nothing more imperative.

Everybody on my team advised against the latest tariffs.
When it comes to economics, none know more than I speak whereof.
Five percent to start, with every month the pressure set to ratchet.
What a brilliant plan! Of course, nobody else but me could hatch it.

Here’s the kicker: this approach is tied to national security;
Mexico must do more to ensure our country’s racial purity.
Rather than embracing those who come here seeking life improvement,
I want Mexico to take the lead in handling their remove-ment.

This offbeat approach risks pissing off our largest trading partner.
Even some Republicans responded: “Hey, who laid a fart in here?”
Once again I stir up controversy; while this might get old,
Mentions of Bob Mueller and impeachment now below the fold.

I’ll continue hollering that I’m not guilty of collusion
While I wait to hear if Chairman Kim arranged an execution.
All the oxygen regarding this debate I’ll try to suction –
Jury is still out regarding pending charges of obstruction.

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