I was never a fan of the Vietnam War. If I had been, I would have enlisted.
If I’d gotten my hands around Hồ Chí Minh’s neck, I’d have taken him out – unassisted.
Unfortunately, it was not meant to be; I had medical problems and such.
If I could fight Nazis, I’d give it a shot. But the Viet Cong? Eh, not so much.

If the Vietnam War had been closer, perhaps, with objectives not quite so oblique, then
I might have signed up and gone over to serve – if they’d let me come home on the weekends.
A terrible war that was far, far away; in a country nobody had heard of.
Not a fan – I’d have cut our involvement in half, or perhaps even down to a third of.

I wasn’t out marching or carrying placards; I was not one who had demanded a
Quick end to the war, but please give me some credit: at least I did not move to Canada.
Instead of enlisting, I got those deferments; some student, and one that was medical.
Believe me – in combat I would have been deadly. Of course, that is all hypothetical.

I would not have minded at all to have served. But, regretfully, I didn’t get to.
I graciously let someone else take my place. That is one poor schmuck I owe a debt to.
But now I’m rebuilding our forces at levels that I think is going to make up for it.
I already know all the lyrics to Reveille. Therefore, no need to wake up for it.

Life would be different if I had been born in the Twenties; that decade was Roaring.
I could have stormed onto Omaha Beach – whereas Battle of Huế? Kinda boring.
I’m looking forward to honoring soldiers on D-Day. It’s quite an occasion.
They fought for freedom and justice – and I fought as well: to secure draft evasion.

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