The Seuss Is Loose

I will not fire Kellyanne.
I might declare war on Iran.
That foreign intel? Once it’s checked:
Call FBI (if incorrect) –
But nothing wrong with listening.
Can’t serve if you’re transitioning.

I’m very honest, actually,
Although I’m challenged factually.
Kentucky Derby – wrong horse won.
I’m redesigning Air Force One.
I really don’t believe in polling.
Bill Barr’s virtues I’m extolling.

The Dems spied on my last campaign.
Economists cannot explain
How tariffs work – but I sure can.
I am a young and vibrant man.
Joe Biden: I think he’s a dummy.
Kim Jong-un and I are chummy.

Some think I’m subject to extortion.
I lie about late-term abortion.
I know much more than most commanders.
Say goodbye to Sarah Sanders.
The mainstream media’s deranged.
I don’t believe in climate change.

I said that I would drain the swamp.
I sure love circumstance and pomp.
No collusion, no obstruction.
Secretary Chao: corruption.
Am I a threat that’s existential?
Looks like I’ve got great potential.

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