Tanks For Nothing

I long for a time, merely decades ago, when America used to be great.
We lived as one people, united together – agreed upon just who to hate.
When nobody cared where your money came from, or the way in which it had been gotten.
And children once thought of their school as a haven, and not as a place to be shot in.

When women had rights – not as much as the men did – and people of color had less.
Instead of “Gesundheit!” when somebody sneezed, you were free to say out loud, “God bless!”
When everyone prayed – just to Jesus, not Allah – and Christmas was spelled without X’s.
And only two choices – an “M” or an “F” – when the census form asks what your sex is.

We fought for our freedom in wars, which we won: credit due to our splendid armed services.
Where men served with men, with no women in combat; no gays or trans-sex to cause nervousness.
Our enemies clearly identified: they shot at us, we launched rockets at their forts.
George Washington – what a commander! Before there were airplanes, he took over airports.

But now things are different; society’s changed – what’s gone wrong with the state of our nation?
You call someone “dummy” or “loser” and you are accused of rank polarization.
When what you say has to be rooted in fact, and the word of your Prez isn’t good enough.
When threats made on Twitter – with typos, in ALL CAPS – leave everyone wondering, “Would he bluff?”

I look to the past since it’s easy, with rose-colored glasses, to claim all was glorious.
And also in case of disaster I blame predecessors, for which I’m notorious.
So I got my tanks and my Humvees; attack helicopters and more to fly over.
Let’s focus on that, and ignore migrants held in conditions good people cry over.

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