Climate Strange

There are positives and negatives when we’re discussing energy –
I’m positive the Dems are nuts, when AOC asks when are we
Eliminating farting cows and grounding all the aeroplanes.
If Democrats keep moving left, they’ll find themselves in narrow lanes.

The Green New Deal – I love it, since it’s something I can run against.
Instead of banning drilling, I’d prefer our parklands all unfenced;
That way we open up the room to excavate more fossil fuels.
And those who freak out over decimation are colossal fools.

You may recall that I withdrew from what was signed in Gay Paree:
We stand alone from every other nation – but that don’t scare me.
For oil and natural gas, I like to claim for neither one we’re lacking.
(That, of course, has happened since I said, “All in!” regarding fracking.)

I just gave a speech; my critics said, “Please don’t believe what you heard –
Hell will freeze before Trump’s labeled an environmental steward!”
Climate change – a term of which its absence in my speech was notable.
Will our air stay breathable? And water maintain status potable?

Just as long as we can breathe the air and drink the water – I’m good.
Even if I bring back coal, I don’t believe the increased grime would
Make a real difference in our atmosphere and water quality.
Get rid of Obama-era rules; they’re nothing but frivolity.

If I really wanted to embrace the better climate movement,
I’d agree to implement just one significant improvement.
Here’s the thing – although it seems unlikely – that I should start doing:
Keep my big mouth shut to stem the flow of stupid shit I’m spewing.

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