Acosta Doing Business

Alex Acosta
They say what’s past is prologue, so that means you should be wary.
And yet, despite it all, Trump named me Labor Secretary.
I stood in front of media, with face described as poker,
And tried to justify my past performance: mediocre.

When I worked for the DOJ (‘twas as U.S. Attorney)
I cut a deal with Epstein; pretty sweet. And in return he
Spent a little time in jail and got to spend days at his office.
I claimed this was the best that I could do, and cut my losses.

He preyed upon young, teenage girls; behavior predatory.
Yet when it came to victims – it’s the same, familiar story:
“Their backgrounds make them sketchy; testimony unreliable.
If we depend upon them for our case, it won’t be viable.”

So while I said I understood the victims’ inner rage,
Some were described as “prostitutes” – despite their tender age.
I chose not to consult with them, and hid behind a policy.
And now, to keep my job, I will not offer an apology.

But time, thank goodness, wounds all heels – and in the present day
That pervert’s headed back to jail, a much less pleasant stay.
And as for me, I’ll have to deal with all the nasty fallout
As more details, long buried, from their hiding places crawl out.

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