Death Be Not Allowed

Lately I’ve been killing it – a figure, that, of common speech –
And so I flexed my muscles; thought the time was right for me to reach
Back to the past and re-establish something from our repertoire:
Bring back a strict death penalty. Get on it, A.G. William Barr!

There’s roughly sixty hombres sitting now on death row (federal),
And for the last two decades they’ve been living in a better hell.
The threat of being executed seemed to be a broken promise;
Now they’re saying, “Trump returns the certainty of death upon us.”

I’ve often spoken wistfully and hoped that executions might
One day be re-established, since it’s in the Constitution – right?
I think that only left-wing libs, whom I find are delusional,
Consider execution to be cruel and/or unusual.

The law and order President I am; the no-exceptions honcho.
Matters not to me if you are black, or even wear a poncho.
Since there’s several white guys all included under this decree
It really is a melting pot, and therefore seems quite fair to me.

The five that we’ve got lined up, this quintet we’re planning to kill first,
Are certainly considered to be so much worser than the worst.
The crimes that they committed are despicable, there is no doubt.
There’s plenty more where they came from, so no risk we’ll get Death Row-ed out.

There’s certain rights with which from our Creator we are all endowed:
To life and liberty and happiness – but surely not this crowd.
They sacrificed their rights to further life through all their actions heinous.
Though the Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill,” we won’t let that constrain us.

Eyes are given up for eyes, and teeth knocked out for other teeth,
Not Heaven they are bound for, but instead the scorching place beneath.
The punishment of death: no doubt the outcome here for which God wishes.
Since I’m His choice to be Prez, my mission: make it expeditious.

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