Nothing To Conspiracy Here

I love to spread conspiracies
Regarding things I hear or see.
Are they true, or are they gossip?
Far as I’m concerned – a toss-up.

Latest one: Did Clintons murder
Epstein? No jail-house observer.
Circumstances are suspicious…
My retweeting? Quite pernicious.

Hey! Do you remember when the
Speculation was on Kenya,
And if that was where Obama
Had been birthed by his white mama?

Speaking of Barack – you know he
Tapped my telephones. Although we
Had no proof this had occurred, it
Didn’t matter, since I heard it.

Then, of course, there is the hoax that’s
Global warming, caused by smokestacks
Benefiting Chinese outfits.
It’s all bullshit – I don’t doubt it.

Millions vote illegally:
No proof, and yet I eagerly
Continue sharing this canard.
Veracity I disregard.

Search for truth is strenuous,
So I stay disingenuous
When I keep passing on these bogus
Claims intended to provoke us.

I just shrug my shoulders, claiming
This is what I’ve heard, and blaming
Other people as the source of.
Different color, I’m a horse of.

Shockingly, it’s not the first time
I’ve accused some of the worst crime:
Someone smothered Judge Scalia;
Homicide? That’s the idea.

JFK – assassinated;
Cruz’s dad was fascinated
With Lee Harvey Oswald, therefore
Shooting he was well-prepared for.

All my adversaries fear they
May be subject to my hearsay.
I don’t care who finds it frightening:
I embrace myths from the right-wing.

Some knew sooner, others later –
I’m a serial fabricator.
All this gossip’s a distraction
From my leadership inaction.

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