Cut-Rate President

The economy is jumpy, and I’m trying to blame the Fed for it,
Saying that its Chairman Powell doesn’t seem to possess the head for it.
I am claiming it’s the fault of this crazy inverted yield curve.
Clueless Jay Powell is to blame; he is not the chairperson we deserve.

Now – the impact of this curve, or at least how it was explained to me,
Means more yield on short-term bonds, therefore lessening long-term gains, you see.
I’m a genius in this field, so I use my brain economically.
(What’s that laughter that I hear? I did not mean that statement comically.)

There is one thing I do know: it’s not good when the market’s volatile,
But I won’t accept the blame, so you’ll see this brawl going on awhile.
I think trade wars can be won; they have not had an impact on this glitch.
While your 401(k) tanks, all my focus right now is on the rich.

If recession comes along, then the chances that I will win anew
Start to slide into the red, giving life to a politician who
Can re-right a sinking ship, if prosperity I have run aground.
So I’m pinning all my hopes this yield curve can get quickly spun around.

As I mentioned in PA – being POTUS has cost me major coin
As I spend on my defense from these multiple lawsuits foes enjoin.
So believe me, I know the financial impact of what I speak –
And it keeps gun control off the front pages yet another week.

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