Shooting My Mouth Off

The issue isn’t gun control: we have a mental problem.
As fast as Democrats come up with fixes, I will lob them
Back into their laps while claiming that their slope is getting slippery.
Universal background checks are nothing more than frippery.

Right after the El Paso shooting, and the one in Dayton,
I said that something must be done right now – we’re tired of waitin’.
But as the weeks go by, it’s clear I never really meant it.
More bloodshed sure to come; I’ll have done nothing to prevent it.

A person pulls the trigger; trigger’s not pulled by the gun.
A weapon slumbers innocent – until used by someone.
Until it’s locked and loaded, every firearm merely lingers.
The problem’s not the ammo; it’s the guy with itchy fingers.

The issue isn’t guns in hands – it’s who can get their hands on
Something that our Number 2 Amendment says this country stands on.
And when even Lindsey Graham says a semi-automatic
Is essential, you can see why gun control is problematic.

No, the problem here is people who are vexed with mental illness.
There’s no way we’ll all be safe from outbursts murderous until this
Diagnosis can be made for every nut job in existence.
(How ironic even “red flag” laws are now meeting resistance.)

Forced to choose between a forward step or none – I’ll choose the latter,
And fall back on thoughts and prayers the next time people have to scatter.
I’ll claim Democrats will take your guns and make you do without them.
But mass shootings? It’s clear I won’t do a goddam thing about them.

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