Quite An Imagination

I mentioned that Melania was pals with Chairman Kim –
Despite the fact that, in reality, she’s not met him.
I’ve shared so much about that man I wouldn’t be surprised
To find out that she knows whether or not he’s circumcised.

The Chairman leads a country that is blessed with great potential;
Melania agrees. The fact they’re strangers: not essential.
She’s familiar due to confidences closely shared between us.
She believes in all I say, since I’m a very stable genius.

My powers of description are unparalleled, no question:
I state as fait accompli concepts still under suggestion.
I said we’d beaten ISIS – but now talk of an insurgency
Suggests we may have on our hands a sleeper cell emergency.

But back to North Korea: I will grant them absolution
From missile tests that violate some U.N. resolutions.
I speak not only for myself, but also for the missus:
It’s her lips on back of those love letters sealed with kisses.

So what if I make proclamations based on flights of fancy?
It’s obvious that my view of existence, others can’t see.
For decades I’ve lived in a world that’s been of my own construct.
That’s why I seem so unaware of all my baffling conduct.

Making up relationships is something of a habit;
I’m surprised nobody else can see this six-foot rabbit.
He is standing next to me, and Harvey is the name he goes by…
Maybe a psychiatrist is one I should be diagnosed by.

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