Waiting To See Which Way The Wind Blows

There’s a hurricane a-comin’, and a chance it may make landfall.
We’re not certain of the pathway; it continues to perplex us.
I keep tweeting stuff about it, telling people they should stand tall –
Yet I hardly ever tweet about that shooting down in Texas.

Not the one down in El Paso but the other one, in Midland.
That’s where this bloodshed got started, then it finished in Odessa. It
Left seven dead, with dozens wounded – some of them were kids, and
Yet another semi-automatic used: some nut possessed it.

I made a point that background checks would not have made a difference,
And it hasn’t really changed at all the actions that we’re thinking of.
Next week we’ll see what Congress wants to do, under its pitched tents,
But don’t get your hopes up gun crimes we will ever see the shrinking of.

I’m looking for McConnell to explain what should be done here;
Meanwhile, Moscow Mitch keeps saying he’ll support what I am backing.
All resolve right out the other after what goes into one ear.
It’s quite clear that, on this issue, any leadership is lacking.

While gun violence is a problem, I think weather is a worse one;
I’m convinced that any gun control would make our people less free.
In response to all your questions, my reply has been a terse one:
I don’t plan to do a fucking thing to stem our nation’s death spree.

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