Topical Depression

I’ll explain the hurricane that’s fast approaching, name of Dorian,
With a visual that’s abysmal but I think will prove my story, and
Here’s a Sharpie scrawl that shows the squall was headed straight for ‘Bama.
As a weathercaster, a disaster it appears I am a.

There is no doubt that I sent out a lot of tweets about the storm front;
About the fact it might attack in Alabama I was more blunt
Than the Weather Service; made folks nervous, when there was no need to.
Even though the facts suggest retraction – that I won’t accede to.

I know better where the wetter weather planned to come upon shore,
So I never faltered, with the altered map part of my encore.
Those who may choose to think Fake News got this right: under delusion.
Based on what I knew, with pen I drew what led to my conclusion.

Alabamians’ hands got clammy when I predicted storm would hit them.
When the experts said, “None gets hurt” – those facts, I would not admit them.
Hauling out a chart full of inartful scribble: that was shameless.
Someone asked who got this past me; all I said was I was blameless.

As the storm plays out, I still won’t stay out of the forecast business,
Monitoring closely and then grossly speculating: is this
Going above a Cat 3, or could that be it? Watch Twitter; follow me.
One thing’s plain: I should stay in my lane regarding meteorology.

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