Summer Cramp

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”
That proverb is one that some other scamp stated.
Instead, I came up with this (not quite as kosher):
I said to the Taliban, “Come to Camp David!”

So what if the Taliban harbored al Qaeda
Whose leaders commanded attacks on our homeland?
I thought it might work out for me to invite a
Few members to visit – a feat I alone can.

Pompeo said, “Do it!” while Bolton cried, “No way!”
This act of diplomacy tickled my psyche.
The Afghans were left out; uncertain the role they
Were playing in all this… I listened to Mikey.

I thought I’d be able to bring to conclusion
A long and expensive war, out in the desert.
You won’t be surprised to learn only confusion
Resulted from this, and made everyone’s heads hurt.

You know how I love to attempt the grand gesture
It hasn’t worked out for me yet (North Korea,
Iran, Middle East – to name some – and the rest were
Proof Art of the Deal’s an inept panacea).

I thought that, perhaps, here’s a chance I could burnish
My image, since savoir-faire’s something I’m weak in.
Instead, it appears I have launched a new skirmish –
With John Legend’s filthy-mouthed wife, Chrissy Teigen.

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