Antsy About Nancy

She said I’m making lawlessness a virtue in our country.
What’s wrong with that? I think it’s time we do so.
The Democrats: sore losers. Hence, she’s chosen to confront me,
Since I’m the greatest President, as you know.

A transcript of the chat I had with Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Will be released; complete and unredacted.
No matter what I do for Nancy, still I get the sense she
Will insist the Constitution’s been impacted.

I’m tweeting fast and furious to try and guide the narrative,
Dispensing falsehoods just like they were TicTacs.
Before the truth’s revealed, I really feel that it’s imperative
To swiftly sow confusion with my syntax.

But Nancy’s one tough cookie; she’ll no doubt maintain composure
As I throw wild jabs below the beltline.
She does best under pressure — so says anyone who knows her.
Not sure what cards she holds, as I’ve been dealt mine.

It’s going to get ugly (and I don’t mean her appearance,
Although I never miss a chance for taunting).
But unlike Robert Mueller and his FBI adherents,
Pelosi, I do fear, will prove quite daunting.

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