Can’t See The Forest For The Treason

I love to accuse folks of treason;
I think it’s the worst of all crimes.
I don’t really care what’s the reason.
(I’m not even certain sometimes.)

But treason’s my top accusation:
It covers a host of transgressions
Committed against our great nation,
And may help extract some confessions.

You know I’m a fan of the Bible
(But don’t ask my favorite epistle) –
In years past, when things were more tribal,
They’d put to death who blew the whistle.

I want to confront my accuser;
I have the right under the law.
I’d like to size up this rogue loser
Who only knows what others saw.

I wasted no time as I started in
And tweeted that someone was spying.
I claim they are biased and partisan
(This serves to distract from my lying).

There’s no recent change to the guidelines
Regarding these urgent disclosures.
I say this in hopes I can sideline
This source, and reduce my exposure.

I managed to sidestep the Russia thing,
Yet now find I’m going again through this.
Toward exit door Dems again ushering –
But this time my hold seems more tenuous.

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