Finnish Your Thought

Pompeo was on that damn phone call, although he implied he was not.
Despite all his bobbing and weaving when asked, at the end of the day he got caught.
Now Rudy secured an attorney, and Volker will soon spill his guts,
So anyone thinking I’ll manage to come out unscathed from this fire drill is nuts.

While next to the leader of Finland, I unleashed a spate of invective.
I called Sleepy Joe and his son “stone-cold crooked” – that’s how they look from my perspective.
I called Adam Schiff (again) “Shifty,” unable to carry a [blank]strap,
And tweeted a word in ALL CAPS that would serve as a crass euphemism for “rank crap.”

I said Nervous Nancy Pelosi loves to hand out subpoenas like cookies;
Questioned the aims of this fake whistleblower, and tried to point out what a crook he’s.
I jumped in to claim every question, while some were intended for Niinistö,
Since this was on my turf, on all cable networks, and not just some little-known Finnish show.

I’ll keep going after Joe Biden, and stonewalling all Dems in Congress,
Ignoring that Nixon and some of his henchmen were found to be guilty upon less.
Perhaps undermining my cause here, I rant and I rail and I bloviate –
Not hearing those footsteps become a stampede as defenders of mine disassociate.

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