Quid Pro Quo Vadis?

I sent out Mulvaney so he could explain
The G-7, where thousands would be entertained,
Would be held at my golf course – but I wouldn’t prosper
Since I said I’d hold down the margins for cost per.

He then said he had some time for Q & A:
Anything for the press to review? Yes! And they
Quickly jumped on this chance about things to inquire.
Mick seemed unprepared and began to perspire.

And then Mick provided a startling admission,
Which tangled him up in an awkward position.
In front of the press, he put on quite a show. He
Confirmed the Zelensky call was quid pro quo-y.

Then, later he tried to retract what he’d uttered
On live television; the room camera-cluttered.
He tried blaming media for misconstruing
His words; tried to saddle them with his undoing.

But that didn’t fly, his attempt at a walk-back.
A DOJ spokesperson said, with his jaw slack,
The Justice Department remained unaware of
An effort Mulvaney said they had a share of.

It seems Mick has poured gasoline on the fire.
The odds of a vote to impeach? Now much higher.
When Shifty Schiff says things, once bad, are much worse,
The choice to have Mick speak was not risk-averse.

Now, here is the key thing about Mick Mulvaney:
He’s not Chief of Staff yet; he’s still a mere trainee.
And, since I am known as a flighty taskmaster,
He may wash out soon, if he sparks more disasters.

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