Benedict Shun

The campaign’s heating up, so now it’s time to do some outreach.
So I flew to a black college, where I could without a doubt teach
All these African-Americans what it really means to suffer.
Just a handful there were students; all the rest would serve as buffer.

I was given an award for having passed the great First Step Act.
When they told me I had won it, I said, “Wow!” and then I leapt at
This amazing opportunity to step outside my comfort zone.
(But let’s not bring in students; for this purpose we’ll import our own.)

I shared the stage with several who had served time; they were felons.
And I asked them to share tips in case I have to serve a spell in
Some correctional facility (although that seems unlikely,
I’ll insist no time in lockup in exchange for giving my plea).

As I spoke about our efforts to ensure we offer justice,
I discussed my own experience, since I have had my brushes
With unfounded accusations – so I know about oppression.
And, of course, there is that lynching thing that I just got enmeshed in.

The First Step Act implies that you will see Steps Two and Three soon.
But be patient – it’s a bucket that we’re filling with a teaspoon.
It’s a fact I’ve increased funding for historically black colleges
And yet, based on the polls, it’s something no one else acknowledges.

I brought along Tim Scott, and over there you see Ben Carson.
(It’s a fact of life that sometimes with the devil you’ll make bargains.)
So I thank you for this honor; I can’t say how it’s affected me –
Since no one’s suffered more than I the pain caused by inequity.

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