Take Me Out Of The Ballgame

The crowd at Game 5 of the World Series
Although he’s the POTUS
He slipped in, unnoticed.
But then, in the third,
Something stunning occurred.

When the screen showed his features,
A cry from the bleachers
And throughout the stadium
Made clear we all hated him.

For sure the boo chorus
Was toward one who, for us,
Deserved to be chastised;
The roar was a vast tide.

And as the crowd rocked up,
Came shouts: “Have him locked up!”
And slowly his big grin
Began disappearin’.

He came to the Series
Espousing false theories,
And hoped to promote his
Untenable motives.

His wife (why was she there?)
And he – you could see their
Expressions that grew strained
As endlessly boos rained.

Some say it’s improper
To boo him and knock her.
If Trump found it coarse, why’d
He come to watch horsehide?

The Astros were winning
So, by the eighth inning,
The Trumps chose to duck out
Since, clearly, he’d struck out.

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