Florida Panhandler

It’s come the time for me to file
A declaration of domicile.
Despite New Yorkers who beseech me,
I’ll opt for a life that’s quite Palm Beach-y.

I’ve been treated very badly
Therefore, I’ve decided – sadly –
Time for me to leave Manhattan
And that other island: Staten.

I’ll be done with Andrew Cuomo
(He’s the New York majordomo).
I won’t miss his politicking
So – around I won’t be sticking.

Florida’s where I’ll relax.
Sunshine – and no income tax.
They also won’t tax my estate
So, all my kids think this is great.

Mar-A-Lago I’ll rely on;
That’s where I’ll put my shirt and tie on.
I’ll wear sandals, but without socks;
Teach my grandkids all about stocks.

Nothing’s better than Palm Beach;
I’ll eat grapefruit upon each
And every morning I awaken,
Now that New York’s been forsaken.

Now I’m a full-time Floridian –
Said goodbye to New York City, and
Despite Pelosi’s wish, I surely
Won’t retire prematurely.

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