Unreal Time

Hey, Ambassador Marie –
I watched your broadcast on TV!
I thought that you were indiscreet,
And so I nailed you with a tweet.

I don’t think that I was bein’ dumb;
I just exercised the freedom
That the constitution grants me
To fire off my Twitter rants, see?

It’s my right that I feel free to
Pin the war in Mogadishu
On your shoulders; things there turned bad.
Your accomplishments I’ve spurned – sad!!

As I tweeted out my hating,
You said, “It’s intimidating.”
Meanwhile, Nunes and his cronies
Tried to satisfy their own needs.

They first praised how you had served.
Then, each and every one observed
That you had not been on that phone call,
And kept claiming they’d been stonewalled.

There’s a lot of moving parts here:
It’s the public’s minds and hearts we’re
Trying to sway as we keep claiming
That the Dems are falsely framing.

I’m ignoring testimony
That relies, in part or wholly,
On what some call innuendo.
Dems ask, “If not now – then when, though?”

While I make claims of transparency
It’s asserted I, apparently,
Took some steps to hide my motives.
Sondland’s statement? He rewrote his.

Then I may have made a poor step:
Tweet intended to trash your rep.
Once again, I showed I lack class
And don’t care about the backlash.

All the GOP’s behind me:
They keep following me blindly,
Generating new excuses
As I’m tagged with more abuses.

You’re the latest I’ve belittled
While my story is just riddled
With deceit and contradictions.
Since truth wounds me – I’ll spin fictions.

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