Predicate And Kaboodle

They’ve been trying to take me down since the day that I was born.
(And in fact, with Dems involved, it’s likely since I was a fetus.)
Accusations that my oath of office I had long forsworn;
Dems won’t come aboard the Trump Train, and keep trying to defeat us.

Did they spy on my campaign? I keep on claiming that they did so –
Even though a new report says there is not a shred of evidence.
But my buddy A.G. Barr weighed in: the facto not so ipso,
So it seems Christopher Wray may soon begin collecting severance.

It’s a partisan, gratuitous and most of all pathetic
Exercise by Democrats to overthrow the last election –
When my phone call with Zelenskyy was completely copacetic,
Nonpareil, quite an accomplishment, and void of imperfection.

But the Democrats are using that discussion to impeach me
By asserting I solicited some foreign interference,
While I also fought to prove the long arm of the law can’t reach me
By ignoring their requests with unrelenting perseverance.

Nervous Nancy was uncertain just which quo I had pro quid-ed,
And the other day launched into a reporter, looking dour.
Said her motive wasn’t hate, because the facts would prove I did it.
So: Obstruction of the Congress, piled atop Abuse of Power.

I’ve achieved more in my tenure than perhaps all other POTUSes.
(That’s not remotely true, but facts I often find unwieldy.)
So as I dispute these charges, what I hope nobody notices
Is I don’t pledge allegiance, but instead insist on fealty.

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