At My Horo-wits’ End

Michael Horowitz
My name is Michael Horowitz, and I spent nearly two years
Preparing a report about which Donald Trump had few fears.
The POTUS was convinced, without a moment’s hesitation,
That this would prove existence of a Deep State in our nation.

A crack team I assembled, and together we produced this.
I came out hard against the FBI and their abuses.
Their Russian-interference probe, named for a Rolling Stones song,
Came under criticism for some processes found so wrong.

But what it does not cop to is a finding that the Bureau
Was biased against Donald Trump. On that point, it’s quite thorough.
The reasons to begin this probe were grounded in legitimacy –
The POTUS still claims otherwise (by reason of illiteracy).

Bill Barr – Attorney General – and his investigator
Said folks should wait for their report (it’s going to come out later).
But both men issued statements, taking issue with my findings,
And Barr said that the “thinnest of suspicions” were behind things.

I’m the Inspector General (just so you know my title);
My independence from the A.G. counts; in fact, it’s vital.
So while he and the POTUS have opinions, I have my own,
And we’re all free to disagree (I hope in a polite tone).

But Barr called this a “travesty,” and POTUS tweeted “Dirty cops!”
They’re taking aim at my report; not firing very sturdy shots.
They’re trying to spin it their way, coming to their own conclusions –
We’ll have to see how many are seduced by their illusions.

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