The Morning After

Endless hours of debate;
GOP loves me; Dems hate.
Impeachment now is one step closer.
Does this make me happy? No, sir.

Phone call – perfect, without question.
Quid pro quo? Nope; just suggestion.
Aid withheld, but then released it.
Scandal here? There’s not the least hint.

Gaetz went after Hunter Biden
(Kept his DUI in hidin’).
Arizona’s Debbie Lesko
Thinks I’m guilty even less so.

Louie Gohmert, with a lame pout,
Read the whistle-blower’s name out.
And Jim Jordan, quite the sleuth,
Said Article 1 ignores truth.

Andy Biggs caused a disruption
When he said, “Trump hates corruption!”
Ranking member Douglas Collins
Kept on with his hoot-and-hollerin’.

Once both articles were passed, I
Said that I’d been long harassed by
Nervous Nancy – she’s a liar.
Ousting me is her desire.

Do you know what I just realized?
Impeachment here is being trivialized.
Emergency’s the only reason –
False alarm should equal treason.

Still, these articles were passed.
Full House vote is next to last,
Then the Senate’s turn to try me –
Mitch McConnell’s job to stymie.

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