Bite Me

Nervous Nancy’s teeth were slipping;
Seems she didn’t use adhesive.
Did you hear Van Drew is flipping?
Democrats are not cohesive.

Dems went soft on infrastructure –
That’s why Nancy lost her choppers.
Alliances begin to rupture;
GOP is sure to stop her.

I myself have teeth like Chiclets;
Breath is fine, once I pop Tic-Tacs.
I am in a sticky wicket –
Quid pro quo is just like kickbacks.

Her locution seemed impaired some,
Having trouble with a few words.
Here I should go back to Square One:
More than once my jabber grew slurred.

From me, one more toothless blunder.
As Rome burns, I’m just the fiddler
Spewing out more ruthless thunder.
My base loves when I belittle her.

Picking on the Speaker’s dentures;
Making fun of Nancy’s loose teeth.
One more Twitter misadventure –
How low will my rank abuse reach?

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