Evidence For The Contrary

You know what they say – the charm’s in the third time:
First Johnson, then Clinton; perhaps you’ve now heard I’m
Impeached. What’s it feel like? Defies all description;
And yet, I’ll attempt to – but please, no transcription.

I’m really not worried; why should I be, when it
Is clear I will skate through a trial in the Senate.
I wanted to mount a defense, a robust one –
It’s something McConnell and I have discussed some.

Now, Moscow Mitch wants this to be short and sweet, so
He doesn’t want witnesses – feels incomplete, though.
Why wouldn’t we bring in those folks on my staff who
Will swear that Ukraine I did not give the shaft to?

I think the concern is – if they’re cross-examined
Their statements might tangle their boss in a jam, and
Conviction, which right now seems highly unlikely,
Becomes possibility, due to my psyche.

The Dems and those critics who think that I’m addled, seek
Further proof, based on my rantings in Battle Creek.
In front of supporters – those great men and ladies –
I said a dead Congressman looks up from Hades.

Know who expressed his unflinching support? You will
Not be surprised that it’s Putin. His annual
Press conference came with a push for return visits.
Also, like me – he played footsie with term limits.

I will emerge from this trial with a victory.
Mitch says it’s best to get underway quick, or he
May lose control and relinquish exact timing –
Risking the chance of more damaging fact-finding.

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