Suleimani Rivers To Cross

I took out Suleimani since he was an evil man.
As far as what comes next… That was the full scope of my plan.
I didn’t really think it through; just went here with my gut.
My Middle Eastern strategy has never been clear-cut.

No word to four top Democrats regarding what I just did.
I didn’t tell Pelosi since she’s crazy; can’t be trusted.
No details for Chuck Schumer in advance (I think he stinks),
But mentioned it to Lindsey Graham as we hit the links.

Par for the course, I blamed some prior leaders for inaction.
As far as my impeachment? Well… this could be a distraction,
But that’s not why I did it; nope. Nor was my motivation
To begin a war to win votes; I resent that accusation.

My goal: to stop a war, and so (this isn’t rocket science)
I will hit them fast and hard and bomb Iran into compliance.
Of course, that’s only if their country chooses to retaliate.
I’m hoping we’ll find peace, but so far all I’ve done is rally hate.

These angry threats to bomb Iran not just a few but more times – hard –
Feed into accusations I’m prepared to play the war crimes card.
Iran has asked the UN to condemn these acts as much too gory.
I might blow up artifacts – who cares if that crime’s statue-tory?

My critics say the policy displayed here lacks coherence:
We might not know the impact for a week, month, or a year hence.
I said I’d get us out of endless wars, not start a new one.
The foolish thing I’ve done here may now lead to my undoin’.

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