Vaper Tiger

I said, “Get rid of vaping.” Then the industry brought pressure.
My choice was either bold or meek. Of course, I chose the lesser.
I’ll get rid of the flavored kind – except if they’re refillable.
My big claims versus action taken: rarely reconcilable.

I promised I would put in place a comprehensive ban.
The road to hell is paved with the intentions I began.
So much for public health; I gave in to the vaping crew
By putting in some loopholes that they’re now escaping through.

I said we’d clear the market – but we backed away from menthol.
Get rid of every flavor (but I never really meant “all”).
I think it’s very clear by now a steadfast spine I lack, so
I played into the hands of lobbyists for Big Tobacco.

It isn’t clear how this approach will keep our teens from vaping.
Black market products aren’t addressed; from sanctions they’re escaping,
And there are no restrictions listed for open-tank systems.
So, nicotine is still for sale – and youth are still its victims.

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