Vase Deference

I surely do like Chairman Kim;
I get along quite well with him.
I think he really likes me, too –
We’re known to be each other’s boo.

His job? To represent his country.
He and I – we’ve sure had fun. He
Isn’t trying to make things hotter – he
Said perhaps he’ll send some pottery.

Once, I waved a magic wand that
Then resulted in a contract
With its pledges unenforceable.
It’s all crap – your choice of horse or bull.

I think he’s got too much to lose.
He’ll find himself in Dutch if news
Soon breaks regarding weaponry.
Annihilation: sprechen sie?

It seems that I’m ignorin’ all
His threats to launch a war. In thrall
I am, yet he’s despicable.
My passion’s inexplicable.

We’ll wait on needles and sharp pins
To see what comes from Chairman Kim’s
Most recent bid to seek out fame.
But our love dare not speak its name.

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