Clash Of The Frightens

If you’re with me, you’re a hero. If against me, you’re a traitor.
There’s no room for disagreement, or dissention, or debate, or
Any difference of opinion once I’ve offered a position.
If you look up “narcissism” – I’m the living definition.

I’ve got every single member of the GOP in Congress
To defend my every action; doesn’t matter if I’m wrong. This
Aggregation of dim sycophants are scared of their own shadows.
Wouldn’t know what they would do with balls – not even if they had those.

I’ve blown up the Middle East – and even Bibi Netanyahu,
Who is keen to kiss my ass, this time has made it clear he’s not too.
The Iraqis are incensed and passed a motion to expel us,
And Iran’s withdrawn from JCPOA, or so they tell us.

I will talk about the rules of war as if it were Stratego:
It’s a game, and therefore cheating is permitted by my ego.
And instead of playing fair and square, or ever crying, “Foul!”
The Republicans just shrug their shoulders, throwing in the towel.

Now, when Secretary Esper tutors me on laws of conflict –
When those troops who kill civilians I call “heroes” and not “convicts” –
When the leaders of my party make excuses for my conduct –
Everyone who puts their faith in my command is thereupon fucked.

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