The Sharp Elbow Of Injustice

“Hate is too great a burden to bear.”
MLK said this – and boy was he right, folks!
I hate how the Dems treat me wrong: so unfair,
impeaching me, squashing my dreams and my bright hopes.

I had a dream, too (or maybe a nightmare)
where, after Obama completed his term, I’d
succeed him (the outcome considered not quite fair).
All hopes for a post-racial land, I’d confirm died.

I’d keep out those people whose skin shade was darker
by saying our borders were weak; must be held tight.
And sign proclamations in bold, with a marker;
my signature such you can’t tell if it’s spelled right.

A world that was largely at peace, I’d give jitters
by ripping up treaties; proclaim: “Time to shake ‘em up.”
Alliances trashed; former friends now called quitters.
No facts to support? Then I’d just have to make ‘em up.

I’d pray – not to God, but the almighty dollar –
and offer up tax cuts; the rich would be pleased with me.
A physical saying I’d got slightly taller
so I would not be diagnosed with obesity.

And not just Barack; going after Michelle, who
kept pushing for kids to have healthier diets.
I’m saying her program can go straight to hell, too.
If broccoli’s on your plate – don’t have to try it.

But now I’m consumed with this stain that will follow,
so I go to rallies to hear, “We adore you!”
regardless — in my solipsism I’ll wallow,
and keep violating the oath that I swore to.

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