Fidgety Spinners

The Democrats are boring; Schiff is lying through his teeth.
It’s quite tedious to watch them try to get to truth beneath
The obfuscation I’ve promoted through my shifting explanations
And my specious claims of privilege, curbing these investigations.

The Senate must remain in place throughout these presentations,
And are barred from using phones, and must refrain from conversations.
But the rules the Senate put in place to obligate decorum
Lack enforcement, so there’s quite a few who’ve chosen to ignore ‘em.

Even though I was in Switzerland when this sham trial commenced
I had my fingers on the Twitter and could easily dispense
A never-ending flow of comments – the amount was record-breaking.
It appears I was re-tweeting every moment I had waking.

It’s a scam, a hoax, a witch hunt; I’ve been treated most unfairly
Even though my acquiescence ranks between not much and barely.
I’ve refused cooperation and defied every subpoena;
More ungovernable mortal Dems say never have they seen a.

The Democrats are laying out the facts, all hoping through fear
They can generate dissent from those who claim, “There’s nothing new here.”
I am certain once my side comes up to bat, we’re gonna win it.
But, devoid of any facts, I wonder how they plan to spin it.

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