Bordering On Vulgarity

(Mike Pompeo)
Here’s a brilliant statement: Bangladesh is NOT Ukraine.
It’s a thinly-veiled insult; get the drift of what I’m sayin’?
In a recent interview I took on NPR’s reporter;
Pulled a map out since my thinking was, “She’ll never find the border.”

Didn’t like the questions asked as M. L. Kelly interviewed me,
So I wrapped our chat up quickly; she claims I was kinda rude. We
Spoke again, at which time I pulled out a blank world map (Mercator).
Tried to trick her, but I couldn’t. Afterward, I said I hate her.

I felt slighted when about Marie Yovanovitch she asked me,
So my tone, which had been cordial, very suddenly turned nasty.
I thought we were off the record when I said I wouldn’t traffic
In her unhinged quest to taunt me; I used language (carto)graphic.

It’s quite clear that toward the media I’ve got a lot of attitude
By claiming they’re distrusted, since they’re taking too much latitude
In searching for the truth; I do not want the press intrudin’: pull
Them back from lines I won’t have crossed – in this case, longitudinal.

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