It’s All Over But The Flouting

I truly believe in the power of prayer –
I prayed for acquittal, when facts were not there.
I asked the Lord God and his son, Jesus C.,
To have faith my call was found perfect: “Trust me.”

When one offers faith as a justification
For something that’s wrong – that’s no path to salvation.
Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi don’t pray right,
And I think it’s bullshit, the Scripture that they cite.

The moment I came down that gold escalator,
The Deep State assigned its first investigators.
Just look at the texts between FBI lovers:
That’s Lisa and Strzok (long a paramour of hers).

The best thing I ever did: fire James Comey;
Eliminate him, or else he’d overthrow me.
I’ve made claims that man’s both a liar and a leaker.
(Hey – Kevin McCarthy: you’ll be the next Speaker!)

The Dems are united; however, they’re vicious.
And every third word out of Schiff’s mouth? Fictitious.
Mitt Romney’s religion he’ll use as a crutch;
When he gets kicked out, I’ll say, “Don’t keep in touch.”

I ranted and raved and attacked and made fun
Of my enemies, real and imagined, each one.
Then offered my thanks to a long list of boosters;
We crowed and we strutted like over-sexed roosters.

Bill Clinton, right after he came out unscathed,
Apologized, but that’s not how I behaved.
I stand unrepentant, bereft of contrition –
Until the next time I come under suspicion.

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