All Fired Up

Sondland, Vindman: out the window.
One of them has got a twin, so
Three gone for the price of just two:
That’s your fate when I distrust you.

Vindman (which one? Alexander) –
Victimized by his own candor.
If only in advance I’d known he
Planned to give that testimony.

Worked for – but did not protect – me.
He’s horrendous. I suspect he
Is a “Never Trumper.” Therefore
He is someone I don’t care for.

Vindman’s brother, named Yevgeny,
Proved I shouldn’t hire any
Renegades who might be brethren:
Headache too big for Excedrin.

Their careers perhaps aborted.
I had both of them escorted
Out the door; they got the heave-ho.
Was that wrong? I don’t believe so.

Sondland said, “I plan to vacate
In a couple weeks now – hey, wait!”
Made him leave his office, pronto.
More of his support, I want no.

Who else am I gonna toss out?
Up to me, since I’m the boss. Shout
All you want that I’m cold-hearted.
Retribution? Just got started.

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