Trial Buffoon

If I wasn’t President, I would be suing
All over the place – since I’ve long been stewing
Regarding the Witch Hunt you all know is fraudulent.
Roger Stone’s judge is a liberal broad, who sent
Manafort straight into federal prison.
If I can’t sue, I can tweet with derision.

I am the President – yet, still a citizen;
I’ve got the same rights as you to permit it when
I want to come after some jury foreperson.
I am not going to be the last or first one
Offering comments regarding a pending case:
Using harsh language; not even pretending grace.

My flack has said that my frustration’s obvious.
William Barr says he cannot do his job – he must
Step in and make a right out of two wrongs here,
Or else I will say he no longer belongs here.
If I have to sue to get all of this straightened out,
I surely will, making use of my weight and clout.

If I put my thumb on the scales used for justice,
It’s only to tilt them my way and adjust this
Rebuff of due process and bring on a new trial;
Keep shopping for verdicts, since these will not do. I’ll
Promote interference by lifting the blindfold,
Perverting the system until I can find gold.

So I may still sue, for gazillions in damages.
“Where there’s a will there’s a lawsuit,” the adage is.
Not sure what I’d sue for; I‘ve not been convicted –
But suing’s a habit to which I’m addicted.
I’ll claim it’s my good name these scams have impugned;
I’ll keep chasing that white whale until it’s harpooned.

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