The Pharma In The Dell

I thought that we’d have a vaccine real soon;
In a couple of months, perhaps even by June.
I felt optimistic, but then I got grouchy
When told that was incorrect, by Dr. Fauci.

The meeting I had with Big Pharma: enjoyable –
Right up to the point where they mentioned “deployable.”
I thought going in I knew what to expect here;
Imagine my shock when they kept saying, “Next year.”

This testing requirement puts me off my game:
My preference, as always, is Ready – Fire – Aim.
I said, “Three to four months?” Their answer: “Not quite.” They
Insist, for some reason, to do it the right way.

They don’t understand what’s at stake with this virus.
In just a few months my first term will expire. Thus,
Resolving this health crisis: highest imperative.
If this tanks the stock market, there goes my narrative.

To pay for this effort – the window is fleeting –
I’m holding back dollars first earmarked for heating.
There’s millions who risk death if we can’t stop sneezing,
So what if a few thousand folks die from freezing?

I don’t like the way that the Dems have mistreated me,
Just ‘cause I downplay the impact repeatedly.
I’m not that concerned about who gets infected;
My big worry here: will I be reelected?

I seem not to hear what those CEOs say:
It’s clear a vaccine is still one year away –
Yet I keep inquiring when will it be finished?
My mental cognition appears quite diminished.

There’s one thing no one in the room seemed to question:
Just what motivates my handwashing obsession.
The brunt of this virus: unsure just what will it be –
So I’ll wash my hands of all responsibility.

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