Kiss My Aspirations Goodbye

I don’t want people dying. That’s what I’m all about.
I’m thoroughly against death – of this, there should be no doubt.
So if coronavirus should result in more demises, we
Are sure to see me ream out some poor schmuck who now advises me.

I keep assuring people there’s no barrier to testing.
(That’s a fact all health professionals are currently contesting.)
People now ask if the ventilators on hand are sufficient;
Let me answer with another question: What am I – omniscient?

Should I declare a national emergency? I seem a-
-Fraid to take this step, which quickly would free up more funds for FEMA.
I have memorized the Stafford Act, with all the powers it grants me:
In front of me are trees, and yet the forest it seems I can’t see.

Nearly every step I’ve taken has received dismissive thumbs-down.
And now, every single day, another public figure comes down
With the virus – some are even pictured right next to my shoulder,
Yet I won’t get tested (risk is in the eye of the beholder).

Dr. Fauci is the expert, and he says things will get better
(Sometime after they get worse); it seems I underplay the threat. Sure –
The economy is tanking; I seem clueless. But what’s nice is
Odds are good that my administration won’t outlive this crisis.

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