Breathe Queasy

If you need a respirator, you should not believe that I’m
Gonna help you to acquire it. Have you checked Amazon Prime?
We will back you, but it’s better if you get it by yourself.
Show up early at the warehouse; those things fly right off the shelf.

Every day that passes by, I hear that more and more are sickly.
We are gonna get it remedied; I’m hoping very quickly.
I am sure we’ll build a system that will work for docs and nurses:
It will be talk of the world, although the talk will all be curses.

We had every single governor attend a teleconference:
They expect me to take over the response; that’s hella nonsense.
Does the buck stop here? Well, normally it would – but in this instance,
From the concept of responsibility, I’ll keep my distance.

We’re redoubling our efforts to get rid of COVID-19.
In the history of the world, this is the worst outbreak that I’ve seen.
If we do a real good job, this virus may subside by summer.
If we don’t – there goes my second term in office. What a bummer.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I get a 10: I won’t be bashful,
Even though I undersold the risk as this ordeal went national.
Now, in 15 days we’ll turn the corner; hope to slow the spread.
Otherwise, hold tight your loved ones – since a few may end up dead.

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