That’s Not What I Didn’t Not Say

There are more important things in life than living –
So some politician down in Texas said.
He stands by his words without any misgiving;
Que será, será if elders end up dead.

I prefer to have our country up and running,
Even if it means my guidelines are ignored.
Folks should be on beaches, drinking beer and sunning –
And Virginians should have all gun rights restored.

Down in Georgia there’s a governor named Brian,
And he wants to open up without delay.
He acknowledges though folks will keep on dyin’,
Manicures and tattoos must get underway.

While at first I said I backed the Georgia governor,
I then changed my mind and said it was too soon.
I proclaimed I love his people – that’s just cover for
Any risk assumed before they are immune.

I said there might be some COVID-19 “embers,”
But perhaps the virus won’t return at all.
By November I hope nobody remembers
Just how wrong I was for making that dumb call.

I keep making statements, then I contradict them,
And insist those on my task force do the same;
Hoping citizens don’t realize I tricked them –
And for fifty-thousand deaths I am to blame.

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