He’s Such A Pill

I’m taking the hydroxy, and I also take some zinc. Go
On and say I’m being reckless, but I honestly don’t think so.
It may help, and even if it doesn’t: what’cha got to lose?
Ordinarily, I’m Right-To-Life – but now, I’m Right-To-Choose.

It’s my body and my option as to what I put inside it;
I’m uncertain why the FDA has chosen to deride it.
These are medications used for other purposes. However,
With this virus in the White House, choice to take is now or never.

The news about hydroxy that I hear is quite tremendous.
Should you take it? I dunno… I mean, I guess it might depend. Does
Your physician write prescriptions based on nothing but a whim?
If he doesn’t – find a new one, and then don’t go back to him.

I won’t wear a mask in public; now it seems that I’m ignoring
More advice from my own government – which, frankly, I find boring.
I don’t give a shit if you say, “Sir, your actions here unnerve us,”
Since, as far as all these guidelines go, I’ve only paid lip service.

No more talk about corona: I declare desist and cease.
(Please have stricken from the record that I’m morbidly obese.)
The authority to listen to right now is my son Eric. He’ll
Declare it’s all a hoax, whipped up by Dems getting hysterical.

For all intents and purposes: a victory declared.
Take your guns, go out and party, there’s no reason to be scared.
I want crowds in every venue, bodies packed in like sardines.
And if people drop like flies – that’s money saved on their vaccines.

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