Smug For The Camera

I’m a man of faith (take my word for it).
Held a Bible up (have you heard of it?);
It’s a thick book filled with prayers and such.
Is it read by billionaires? Not much.

If I’d held The Art of the Deal aloft,
There’s a chance some people might have scoffed.
So I brandished the most holy book
For the one minute or so it took.

With that gesture, thought I made it clear –
God is with me, so no need to fear.
Time for one question, go and ask it:
“Are we hell-bound in a handbasket?”

Now with tens of millions out of work;
Justice system that has gone berserk;
And a hundred thousand people dead –
I keep tweeting: better days ahead.

Almost four years that I’ve been in charge,
Still with hands small, now with problems large.
Greatness I claim we’ll again embrace,
And we will – once Biden takes my place.

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