In A Holi-daze

I made Juneteenth very famous;
Before this, no one had heard of it.
And what really is the shame is
It took me to get out word of it.

A Black Secret Service agent
Is the fellow who informed me.
My staff found out after they went
Into Tulsa – wish they’d warned me.

You would think that all the Black folk
Would have had familiarity –
But it wasn’t until I spoke
It increased in popularity.

I’m an expert on Black history:
Ask me all about the Civil War.
Why the South lost is a mystery.
Credit? They should get a little more.

In the midst of peaceful protests
Against racial-based discrepancy,
Demonstrators risk their own necks
If there’s tear gas or some weaponry.

It’s a shame down at that Wendy’s;
Too bad those cops weren’t more cautious-er.
Victim’s only in his twenties…
But – you can’t resist an officer.

Before me, Blacks faced a grave threat –
Now, my impact is inestimable.
I mean – Lincoln freed the slaves, yet
In the end, results were questionable.

So, I’ll keep up my exhorting
While ignoring repercussions.
There are lots of Blacks supporting
Me; perhaps there’s even dozens.

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