That Was A Commute Trick

I’ve commuted Roger’s sentence;
He’ll serve no days in repentance
for the lies he told to Congress.
Quid pro quo in play for long? Yes.

Roger tampered with a witness,
but I couldn’t care one whit less.
He was guilty of obstruction.
(Have you seen his wife? She’s buxom.)

Overzealous prosecutors
went for Stone – but I was shrewder;
I used presidential power
to save him at the last hour.

Stone’s propensity for fiction
goes way back, to Richard Nixon.
Now he’s my friend (I have so few)
so I said, “Hey, Rog – I owe you.”

William Barr, whom I should cite, just
said the sentencing was righteous.
But – so much for his opinion.
Quite a pickle? Now he’s in one.

I’ve abused the power I’m given,
but I say, “Live and let live.” Friends
who find lawmen are too hard on them
have learned that I will pardon them.

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