Put children in cages.
Tweet out late-night rages.
Tear gas protests peaceful.
Quote numbers deceitful.
Send unwanted agents.
Dismiss growth in patients.
Convention – no more,
but let schools open doors.
Intel brief – not browsing.
Dismantle fair housing.
Salute a sex trafficker.
Behave more erratic-er.
Make life hell for DREAMers.
Commute terms of schemers.
Change mask-wearing thinking
because campaign’s sinking.
Permit reckless fracking.
All empathy lacking.
File lawsuits for libel.
Hold up someone’s bible.
No kneeling in team sports.
Berate the Supreme Court.
Keep firing the IGs.
A tell-all by my niece.
To speak five words randomly
means squat, understandably.
Oppose mail-in voting.
Fox News – keep on quoting.
About testing: make jokes.
Call Putin; don’t take notes.
In midst of health crisis
squelch docs who advise us.
I’ve not much to gloat about –
So soon I’ll be voted out.

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