Fraud Man Out

We may need to postpone the election; just a few months – or years – should suffice.
I want to ensure every vote will be counted, with those cast for me perhaps twice.
It’s the wrong time to launch mail-in voting; a pandemic’s no time to begin it,
since if we enact voting both easy and fair, then there’s no way that I’m gonna win it.

So then why did I bring up this issue, when I cannot suspend an election?
Some claim it is merely my latest attempt: social media-based misdirection;
to take focus away from the numbers – all-time worst economic decline –
and to do what I can to deflect and evade, when the fault is entirely mine.

And then, at my afternoon briefing, I attempted to walk back my edict:
by saying I wished the election was sooner; I’m in such a hurry to be picked.
Requests for an absentee ballot should be the approved type of mailing.
The smart people know – and some stupid ones, too – that, at this point, my campaign is failing.

I throw around words like disaster, and crooked, and rigged, also fraudulent.
My choice to create obfuscation in order to get people thinking, “Good Gawd – you meant
you would really postpone an election?” when the only head-fake I was trying to do
was to take focus off of my fuck-ups, and then in the very same breath keep on lying to you.

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