Grasping At Strawmen

Joe Biden is planning to do something odd –
he’ll take away guns, and he’ll also hurt God.
The Second Amendment he plans to destroy.
As my Jewish son-in-law Jared says, “Oy!”

I think of Joe Biden and I am aghast:
he’ll put China first and America last.
A globalist partisan Biden is such a,
when everyone knows who I put first: it’s Russia.

When he makes a gaffe, I am certain it shows that
the top of his game I do not believe Joe’s at.
When Biden misspeaks I am quick to condemn, right?
But it’s not a big deal when I say, “Yo-Semite.”

I’ve made a career out of blithely deridin’
the programs put forth by Obama and Biden.
But now that our health and wealth’s under assault
I keep saying, “Don’t blame me – it’s all China’s fault.”

Since I can’t establish a smooth campaign rhythm,
I’m waiting to see who Joe picks to run with him.
Whoever he chooses, you know I’ll degrade her –
and that’s when you’ll see my campaign reach its nadir.

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