Who’s Got The Mad-vantage?

Kamala Harris – although she was born
in these United States, both her parents were foreign.
It’s not such a stretch that I’d spin that now, when ya’
Remember my comments last go-round ‘bout Kenya.

The lawyer who says she’s ineligible
makes an argument barely intelligible:
since she was a baby that some might call “anchor,”
he says from the ticket the Dems ought to yank her.

Although I’m not clear on the facts, I proceeded
to share what I’d heard since I might be defeated.
Unless I can get some conspiracies spinning,
the odds sharply drop of my chances of winning.

I’ve called Harris horrible, nasty, mad woman
All code words whose meanings are well-understood. And
then one of my sons (not sure which) liked a tweet; it
called Harris a whore. He then had to delete it.

I also said Harris had been disrespectful
to Biden. (I think he’s a hole colorectal.)
She had so much anger and hatred toward Kavanaugh;
against speaking truthfully we ought to have a law.

There’s word on the street that I might be replacing
Mike Pence with a woman, in hopes of erasing
the lead that Joe Biden keeps building. Now Kamala
just adds to his luster; they’re quite the phenomena.

As I blast a woman of color – again –
I demean what this country should stand for. And then
when I say mail-in votes are all going to be fiddled with,
it’s clear it is my campaign madness is riddled with.

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