Give ‘Em Michelle

Michelle Obama got to speak
to start the Democrats’ big week.
They let that woman run her mouth
to drive my chances further south.

She spoke of chaos and division;
called for my urgent excision.
Empathy, she says, I lack –
a thorough and precise attack.

Viciousness and cruelty:
two principles that rule me.
Leadership and consolation –
both now lacking in our nation.

Economy is in a shambles.
With your lives, she says, Trump gambles.
I’m unfit to meet this moment;
she says vote for my opponent.

I, of course, responded quickly;
took a tone you might call prickly.
Swiftly jumped into attacking:
called her husband’s effort lacking.

Once again, a woman speaks
and I fall back on old techniques:
I condescend and ridicule
and bad-mouth and belittle. You will
never hear me tell Michelle,
“I hope you’re fine, I wish you well.”
Against her I’ll put up a fight
because she’s Black and smart – and right.

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